Costume "Business"

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Costume (Suit) "Business" in the Victoria Fashion 2015 collection designed specifically for real businesswoman. Costume is handmade crocheted by guipure technique. With all its elegance and savoir-classical style, suit attracts the gaze of others as a complex artistic work of art. The combination of brown and yellow pattern guipure elements creates a playful contrast drawing attention of others. Wearing such thing in the office, meeting or other formal event, you will never mix with pencil pushers. You could always be noticed among other employees.  The costume consists of two components: long sleeves shirts on with cautious neckline and knee-length skirt with a belt.


Technology: Handmade knitting (crocheting)
Technique: Guipure lace
Material: Yarn, 100 % cotton (Italy origin)
Size, EU: 44 (42-54)
Colors: brown, yellow


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